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My goal is to build a habit of expression. And to use that habit to connect with people and ideas in new and interesting ways. Since I have made the decision to write, create and share, the effects have been profound! I’m amazed at the community of people who have emerged. They’ve always been there — but I wasn’t. I wasn’t showing up.

This newsletter is a way to deepen those connections. To build thoughts into more refined pieces, big and small. And to continue to think out loud.

My intention is to keep it messy, keep it authentic, and keep it aspirational — while maintaining a positive, reflective, and optimistic tone.

Topics you’ll see often*:

  • Conversation & connection.

  • Identity, expression & authenticity.

  • Building a life of creating and exploring ideas.

  • Tools, methods, techniques, concepts, approaches, models.

  • Roam Research & tools for thought.

* These topics will change, as the winds of interest and passion carry me.

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